Grand Organ

When it was installed in 1890, Sydney Town Hall’s Grand Organ was the largest in the world and described as the ‘finest organ ever built by an English organ builder’. Today, it continues to enthral organ lovers and audiences.

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St Andrews

Building History

Although the Town Hall is a multipurpose building with a high degree of adaptability, but the primary functions of Sydney Town Hall have changed little in over 140 years. Large spaces which can be adapted for meetings, exhibitions, receptions and … Continued

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Keys to the City of Sydney designed by Ernst Pfenninger, Sydney 2000. Sydney Town Hall Collection 05-013 Photo Greg Piper


Sydney Town Hall is the backdrop for a fascinating collection of items which reflect the civic traditions and interpret the cultural heritage which have shaped the city. It is a collection full of surprises – its uniqueness derives from the … Continued

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Sydney Town Hall

Guided Tours

Sydney Town Hall is a busy working building that hosts many events throughout the year. Public access isn’t always possible. Tours of Sydney Town Hall have been cancelled.

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OpenAccess Tours

Guided Tours using OpenAccess Tours Tours of Sydney Town Hall are now accessible for people who are Deaf or have a hearing impairment using OpenAccess Tours. OpenAccess Tours is a smartphone app which provides video content in Australian sign language … Continued

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Town Hall Book

Sydney Town Hall The Building and its Collection (2008) Written by Margaret Betteridge Published by City of Sydney 248pp includes index, bibliography, colour photographs ISBN 9780975119648 (paperback) Price: $50.00 AUD Sydney Town Hall is one of Sydney’s much loved landmarks, … Continued

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  Sydney Town Hall is the civic home of the Council of the City of Sydney. It is here that Sydney’s Lord Mayor and the democratically elected councillors meet to discuss and debate the policies and strategies which underpin the … Continued

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